Dexter, TV series review

Dexter is a 2006 TV series produced by Showtime. It is also distributed by Amazon Prime’s video service, so it’s easy to binge. I’ve put off watching Dexter for a long time, mostly because I didn’t know what to expect, since the basic plot details aren’t all that enticing. However, the first episode I watched a month ago already snatched me. Dexter, the main character of the series, is a serial killer. However, his victims are also serial killers (or just downright guilty people). Having watched countless movies or TV series in the genre of crime, I’ve always wondered about a serial killer of serial killers, and I think Dexter lives up to that fantasy, with unique, not so cliche, and solid story writing throughout most of the series.

Like most elusive serial killers, Dexter has much knowledge about police procedures, and thus is able to avoid detection. But, he too works in the police department, though in forensics as a blood spatter analyst (which in real life isn’t as clear cut, because we don’t have detailed and good willed people like Dexter!). But most of his knowledge and expertise comes from his police officer [step] dad, who raised Dexter from early childhood. His dad knew he had a sociopath on his hands, and would help Dexter to not only cover his tracks (so that he won’t die or damage those around him), but how to channel his dark desires to do “good”.

An iconic scene from Dexter, where he must continually deal with an asshole of a coworker that threatens Dexter’s secret life.

In reality, I think it’s safe to say that most real criminals escape justice, or just aren’t caught to begin with. In Dexter’s case, he does what the police can’t do, as they often lack evidence, or don’t even have Dexter’s victims in their radar. The show is much more than Dexter killing, though. To everyone else, Dexter is seemingly normal (he has to be). Most importantly, he has to keep his dark self from his sister, who means much to him. As he works in the police department, he too must juggle his work and life carefully.

Each season builds Dexter’s character, and occasionally, others’ as well. Season one focuses on Dexter himself, specifically his biological family, and his desire of being able to relate to someone like himself, another serial killer (I won’t spoil that season). Season two puts more emphasis on others, such as Dexter’s girlfriend, who he actually seems to love and want to get close with. Another character in the police department finds out about Dexter, which thus far is the most unnerving.

In season three, Dexter obtains a new friend, one that is somewhat politically powerful. This new friend knows Dexter for what he is, and gets a taste out of killing bad guys too. Except, this friend lacks morals, as he kills innocent people too; Dexter must eliminate him. In Season four, Dexter gets married (what?!), and even has a child of his own. This season proves the most difficult for Dexter, as he must now balance his life even more; being a dad, husband, friend, brother, blood spatter analyst, and a killer of killers is no easy task.

You get the idea. There are a total of 8 seasons, with the 8th being the last in 2013. However, I think its worth giving this show a try, more so because a new Dexter series (not considered season nine), Dexter: New Blood, saw its first episode only last month. Two of its last episodes still have yet to come out, on December 19 and 26.