Marriage Equality

Obergefell v. Hodges, or Marriage Equality, became national law in the United States only 6 years ago in June. It was a very narrow ruling, as it was 5-4 in the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, it went through, and it was one of the biggest victories for LGBTQ+ people in America. But now it’s in danger. The Supreme Court lost its balance when the Trump administration nominated (and confirmed) a total of 3 justices. Only a few weeks ago, the Court weakened Roe v. Wade, the case that gives women the right to choose whether or not to get an abortion. Texas, which had effectively banned abortion in clear violation of Roe v. Wade, may continue to ban abortion.

A music video in celebration of marriage equality passing.

If the Supreme Court thinks its okay for states to do whatever they want in spite of national law, then make no mistake, they may allow states to restrict marriage. New Jersey has already worked to pass a law to protect marriage equality in their state, just in case.