FIFA’s 2022 World Cup Controversy: Qatar

I am really confused and disappointed that global powers consider it a good idea to do business in, or host its event(s) in countries with egregious human rights issues. Back in 2020, Riot Games, the developer of the very popular League of Legends, announced a partnership with Saudi Arabia. It promptly ended after severe backlash from the LoL community, as it should’ve. The 2022 Winter Olympics in February took place in China, a country that had recently doubled down on LGBTQ+ people, groups, and its mere existence; the only real highlight for me was that at least 36 of the athletes were openly LGBTQ+.

Was FIFA high on crack when they decided to have Qatar host its 2022 World Cup?

Yet here we are: FIFA is allowing Qatar to host its 2022 World Cup, which starts in late November. Qatar is one of several Middle Eastern countries (including Saudi Arabia) with a horrible human rights track record, especially on LGBTQ+ people. Arrests of LGBTQ+ people can happen for any reason, and “punishments” include years of imprisonment, if not death. It’s a slap on the wrist for countries to continue the way they are… It’s not like taking away (or suggesting to take) Qatar’s ability to host the World Cup would consider its government to make itself a bit more palpable, right?