Godzilla x Kong Trailer: Pinkzilla?

From the trailer, I can surmise 3 things. Godzilla is queer asf, Kong is better at fisting, and Orange Man Bad. Godzilla’s new neon magenta coloration is a result of his evolution; he will be at his strongest than he has been in the previous movies. Looks like he took some notes from his encounter with Mechazilla’s red hued coloration, as magenta is roughly a combination of blue and red.

Kong on the other hand has an infinity styled gauntlet on his right hand. It definitely looks like it’ll let him hit harder, but surely it can do more, right? He just needs some Monster Verse infinity stones to slot in there. Though it’s hard to tell, Kong may have become more of a “silverback”, if that makes him any stronger. Looks like Godzilla and Kong’s relationship is also evolving a bit; I definitely ship these two titans together.

Godzilla x Kong!

Then there’s the Orange Man. I take that back; that does a disservice to the new big bad Orangutan that at least has actual size and power, unlike Trump. The new villain looks really huge, perhaps even larger than Godzilla.

It’s yuuuuuge!