LGBTQ+ family runs from Russia to avoid death

A family of four; two mothers and two daughters have apparently fled their own home because of their appearance in an ad. The ad appeared roughly a month ago; advocates heralded it, but not for long. Russian trolls and bots (another word for Trump minded people) zeroed in on the family and the company (VkusVill), delivering death threats and other vile garbage. VkusVill quickly pulled the ad, and offered this apology — “hurting the feelings of a large number of our customers, employees, partners and suppliers”. The attack eventually threatened the family enough to finally force them to flee.

What’s most disgusting is that this is perfectly legal and encouraged by the Russian government. Anything LGBTQ+ related is categorized as 18+, and is additionally considered propaganda against minors. Can’t be too surprised, after all, we already know how Russia treats [non compliant] journalists.

Source: The Moscow Times