Mississippi’s New Flag

I recall sometime in 2020 that as efforts to remove Confederate symbolism continued, Mississippi was entertaining the idea of replacing its then current flag, which featured an obvious Confederate flag in the upper left corner. Not only did that scream white supremacy, but honestly, it’s extremely disrespectful to America, in that a traitorous regime had seceded so that it could keep slavery, then sparked a brutal war and a lasting legacy of hatred even today. I don’t see Germany flaunting Swastikas around (ironically, the far-right in Germany flaunt the Confederate flag because it isn’t banned unlike Swastikas).

Buh bye, no one will miss you.

On January 11, only 5 days after the Capitol Riots, the flag was ratified by the governor, after which 73% of voters had already approved it. The new flag design features a magnolia flower and stars, and a color scheme with very dark blue, gold, and red. And just like on our money, it also adds “IN GOD WE TRUST” in between the stars. A much better and original design than the old flag.

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