Pride watch: Nashville

Virtual pride now, in person celebration later, is Nashville’s current thinking. They will have virtual celebrations throughout the year, already had some virtual events take place. In fact, as of this writing, there is one tonight (the featured image is its flyer). These events are known as “Pride Live”. Here is their portal for whenever the events are live streamed. As for their in person celebration, there aren’t much details about it yet, other than that it may happen sometime during the Fall season.

The Nashville Pride Board of Directors has officially postponed the 2020 Nashville Pride Festival and Parade that was planned for June 27 and 28 at Public Square Park. In addition to the creation of more virtual and digital experiences, the team at Nashville Pride will be planning a celebration for the fall of 2020. Nashville Pride is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our community, partners, vendors, and artists and we will do everything possible to ensure a safe operating environment.  Information provided by public officials, healthcare professionals, and industry experts will guide our decisions in the coming months.