Trouble in Tbilisi, Georgia

A violent mob of what can only be described as a hateful group of demons have descended on a Pride Festival in the Capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. Numbering a few thousand strong, the hateful ingrates of course managed to cancel the festival with the actual attendees safely evacuating. How would they like if a swarm of drag queens haunted their homes one day? The event organizers also believed the police did not do enough, as the attackers set fires and looted the event bar.

“The police did not block the access road to the festival site in order to prevent an aggressive group. The police did not use proportional force against the attackers.”

Event Organizers

Despite that, I honestly don’t think any police force could expect a random swarm of incels to go to an event they don’t like. I really hope all the attackers are detained or will be and are fined and jailed. Atlanta, GA and other cities that still have pride events to celebrate should expect a similar gathering of haters.

Source: AP News

Georgia voters react to Walker in new Warnock campaign ad

In a new campaign ad for Sen. Raphael Warnock ahead of the Senate runoff election in Georgia, voters react to recent campaign remarks from Republican challenger Herschel Walker.

Republicans have won control of the House by a slim margin. With Democrats gaining control of the Senate, President Biden will now need to work with a divided congress. See all the Midterms results here.

Breaking: Stacey Abrams to run again for governorship of Georgia

This already made my day! Stacey Abrams, the Democrat who came within striking distance of winning the Georgia governor’s mansion in 2018, announced on Wednesday that she would run once again to be the state’s chief executive

If you will remember from the last race, incumbent Cheater in Chief Kemp surgically removed thousands of likely Democratic voters from the rolls. It paid off because he ultimately succeeded in stealing the election by way of a razor thin margin.

It’s game on Georgia. GAME ON!!!