Tanqueray Gin & Tonic

Tanqueray makes one of the finest gins, specifically London dry gin. Gin in general is pretty much vodka, composed of a neutral spirit. However, select botanicals, spices and flavors are added. They’re rarely sweet, hence the dry, but it’s still a festivity of flavors. Tanqueray unsurprisingly makes their own gin and tonic blend in a can. It’s not for everyone, though personally I enjoy it. The cocktail is dry, and bitter, thanks to the quinine in the tonic. The sweetness that is present is like a mirage; it’s not there for long.

The Zero Sugar variant of Ginger Ale will likely taste much better than diet tonic water.

It’s worth noting that Tanqueray’s London dry gin tastes very similarly to Kirkland’s own London dry gin, so if you have a Costco membership, enjoy getting good gin on the cheap, and buying your own tonic water (such as a diet Canada Dry tonic water). Gin also pairs great with ginger ale, with the resulting cocktail not being so bitter and quite refreshing.