Teacher sparks US and pride flag controversy

In a not so smart move, a teacher has managed to draw unwanted attention when she suggested her students to pledge their allegiance to a rainbow flag in lieu of a missing US flag. Many people, but especially conservatives, took to their keyboards to flame the teacher; the school district removed the teacher amid an ongoing investigation.

Conservatives took the time to say that it’s disrespectful to NOT pledge allegiance to the American flag. On the other side, one said “A free country does not compel its citizens to pledge allegiance. A non-free country does, though.” While I think what the teacher did was stupid, I don’t think she meant any actual disrespect to America and those who serve and make sacrifices. Let’s remember that conservatives, however, are truly the un-American ones here.

These are the same people who refuse to mask up or vaccinate, tried to undermine the country’s election process, endorse the Capitol insurrection, and are currently undermining civil and voting rights. They may flaunt the flag and their false sense of pride all they want, but they have no right to compel to stand for a flag because they think its the only way to be American.

With that in mind, I don’t think it should be so controversial to not pledge of allegiance to the same flag that conservatives flaunt alongside white supremacy, bigotry, and violence. Until the US flag is rightfully reclaimed, we can (and already do) show our support by stopping the Republican effort to undermine voting rights and to properly take care of those who serve with effective legislation and vocal support.