76% support LGBTQ+ non-discrimination policies

That claim is comes from a study conducted by PRRI that is sub consequently cited by other media outlets like TIME and NBC. The majority of Americans, even those who identify as “Republican”, back non-discrimination policies for LGBTQ+ Americans. This doesn’t specify on marriage equality (in which 51% of Republicans somehow manage to support it), or the Equality Act, but it sure does show where mainstream religions stand, and that’s the complete opposite of what the people think.

Catholics of the United States make their demented views clear on their very own website with the severely unrealistic claim that the Equality Act harms unborn babies. It’s no better with other white Protestants/Christians. I’m not that surprised, but seriously? I can never understand how people that claim to believe in God disrespect the almighty with this unintelligible vomit. In their delusion, it’s us versus them; their rights matter more than LGBTQ people.

Since when has mainstream religion ever had it rough? Never mind through decades (or centuries) of oppression, hate, blood and death the LGBTQ+ community has had to endure and still has to because of our lack of protections. Oppressors hate it when they cannot oppress apparently, so much that to them, it’s oppression when their victims fight back. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) was kind enough to lay out the facts of the Equality Act and that people of faith (that aren’t hellbent on using their religious freedom to harm people) can relax.