Against all odds: A Small Town Library vs. Small Minded Idiots

Conservatives, Republicans, Trumpites, different names for the same thing: Small minded assholes against freedom (SMAAF). Publicly, politically, at educational institutions, libraries, and our own homes, SMAAFs are doing everything possible to erase the presence of us LGBTQ+ folk. LGBTQ+ content and books in particular, have faced or are facing bans. A small town library, Patmos, located in Jamestown Township, Michigan, has been defunded by its residents last week on August 2nd.

This satirical video epitomizes Conservatives when it comes to the world; eyes covered, until something, like LGBTQ+ stuff, catches their attention.

The crazies didn’t care before then, probably because they can’t read, or simply didn’t realize there was even a library in their own town. Thanks to a recent “Conservative Christian” (yet just another synonym for SMAAF) campaign effort, it brought attention to many of its dumbass residents that not only is there a library on town, but it also has LGBTQ+ books! The library is refusing to remove these books of course, but too bad stupid can’t be removed. The majority of residents believe LGBTQ+ to be an ideology intent on “grooming” children…

One of the books at display at the library, which residents have a problem with simply because it is LGBTQ+.

I’m highly certain the residents aren’t grooming their own children to be hateful pieces of shit, though. 62% of the residents voted to reject the library’s tax funding, which was 84% of its annual budget. It won’t lose its tax funding until Spring 2023, but until then, it already has some extra funding come in from a GoFundMe and a reserve fund. All a library does is give people something to read, and we need to protect that from Conservatives, apparently.