Uncoupled | Netflix Original

Uncoupled dropped on Netflix a few weeks ago, and I just binged it a few days ago. Uncoupled is a gay drama series that mostly revolves on the sudden breakup between gay couple Michael and Colin. The pilot episode begins with them waking up together; they have been together for more than a decade. What could go wrong? Michael has been planning an expensive surprise party for Colin, and just before the moment before the party would begin he tells Michael he’s leaving. Surprisingly Colin stays at the party, and things proceed as is normal, with Michael and Colin being congratulated on their long relationship and maintaining a facade.

In all, the party itself goes well, because after all, you simply cannot poison the hundreds of guests involved in the party because of one person (Hosting and hospitality 101). If this had been a scene in the rebooted Queer as Folk or Grey’s anatomy, it would’ve been a shit show (as all characters from both series are just insanely immature). Michael didn’t break that news to his friends until after the party was done, and so the drama begins. There’s just so much, after all, Colin and Michael had been together for 17 years. There was no indications, no problems, nothing suspicious whatsoever. Without giving much about the show away, it was certainly fascinating to appreciate the complexities of the situation.

Colin and Michael attempt relationship counseling.

Michael’s friends were obviously Colin’s friends too, and Colin greatly knew Michael’s family as well. So, of course there was a tug of war between Colin’s friends associations with Michael. Michael was also desperate to see just who Michael might possibly be seeing; to find out a logical cause or reasons behind the irrational breakup. Michael also seems jealous in this regard, especially when he suspects that a cute guy or someone more successful than he is might be with Colin. Michael tries to find ways to forget about Colin, or to be happy for him as well. But that always gets tossed out the window every time Michael sees Colin in person, or asks for information about Colin that ends up making him more upset.