DIY Jalapeno Tequila

I like tequila and my margaritas. I also like heat. Naturally, jalapeno margaritas were delicious to me, with its tangy, spicy flavor and the bits of it adding texture. However, a bar I came across did not have any fresh jalapenos at all, but jalapeno infused tequila. For a drink that wasn’t made with fresh cut jalapenos, it still tasted great. This then inspired me to make my own jalapeno infused tequila. You’d be surprised at how simple it is to make too.

I went all economical and used Member’s Mark tequila for infusing with jalapenos. I also reused a E&J brandy bottle for my newly infused tequila; I thought the bottle’s green color went well with the now slightly green tequila.

The process is as simple as slicing jalapenos, then placing it into a container filled with your favorite tequila. After that, only time is needed, as you should let the jalapenos set for at least a day, or up to a week (I did 3 days, too impatient!), depending on how much heat and flavor you want in the tequila. The ethanol in the tequila acts as a solvent for both the volatile flavors and the capsaicin in the jalapenos, so you end up with a brilliant, slightly green Jalapeno Tequila that’ll easily spice up margaritas and impress your friends.