LGBTQ+ film: Dragonfly Boy [2021]

Dragonfly Boy is an LGBTQ+ Feature-Length Film about transformation and acceptance. Freshly 21-year-old Graham is currently in a battle over who he is and who he loves. In a world full of opinions and self-hatred, we watch as Graham endures this struggle and how he grows with himself and the amazing people in his life around him.

I have to admit, I really struggled my way through this film because it really drags at time, the dialogue is mundane and not sharp at all, and it felt like a school project. I felt relieved and decided not to take it to task, or officially review it, when I found out that IT WAS IN FACT a school project. The film was made with no budget, it was released in its entirety on YouTube for free, and it’s final cut is in 4K. That gets props from me.

Produced/Directed/Story by @jakehotalingproductions / @jkhotaling

Ethan Rhoad (@ethan77rhoad) as Graham
Maddie Touri (@madiiisonrosee) as Dahlia
Daniel Khat (@dannyxkid) as Connor
Danielle Jarosz ( as Alice
Sydney Powers (@sydneympowers) as Grace
Tessa Solomon (@tsssooolll) as Jess
Maddi Merritt (@maddimerritt) as Cassie

IndieFEST Award of Merit – Film Feature
IndieFEST Award of Merit – LGBT
IndieFEST Award of Merit – Actor: Leading (Ethan Rhoad)
IndieFEST Award of Recognition – Actress: Supporting (Maddie Touri)