Heartstopper film adaptation debuts on Netflix

“Love meets doubt. Fear meets joy. Boy meets boy. HEARTSTOPPER, an eight chapter story about life, love and everything in between. Based on the bestselling graphic novels from Alice Oseman.” I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never heard about the Heartstopper comics. All I know is that the comics have a cult following. The story focuses two high school teens whose friendship becomes something more.

n my personal opinion, LGBTQ+ romance in mainstream TV tends to be meh, such as Love, Simon, which was just a little too idealistic that being gay has zero repercussions in this modern day and age (which still isn’t the case in many regions). Just for reference, I thought that the follow-up to Love, Simon, Love, Victor was a bit more real, as the main character had to deal with his Hispanic family’s restrictive LGBTQ+ mentality, and there was significantly more drama. From the trailer of Heartstopper, it seems that it’ll be good.