Italy on crack: Votes in Neo-fascist

Ever had hopes of a friendly visit to Italy? Well, they’re dead for now. Italians have succeeded in voting in its most far-right regime (since WW2 by the way, when Hitler’s pal, Mussolini, rose to power). The party is called Brothers of Italy, with roots in fascism, headed by Italy’s very own Trump, Giorgia Meloni, who is now Italy’s Prime Minister. Being so insanely far-right, the LGBTQ+ community is so obviously in their cross hairs, alongside other things far-right people typically just hate, like immigrants. The idea that Italians voted for this is revolting, bringing up discussions about how Italy never really stamped fascism out of its culture (unlike with Germany, which is vehemently against the idea of fascism ever existing there again). Just last year, Italy’s senate struck down a bill that would’ve made violence against LGBTQ+ people a hate crime. No wonder why the United States doesn’t have an ambassador appointed to Italy (yet).