Jeff T. Green: Shame on the Mormon Church

Jeff T. Green is probably the wealthiest man in the state of Utah, a multibillionaire who now lives in south California. Green had graduated from the Brigham Young University, which is LDS (Latter-day-Saints) or just better known as Mormons. The LDS Church is the largest “non-profit” organization in Utah as well as the most dominant faith. Green has just announced that he has officially left that church, with a rather lengthy resignation letter as well. He says that they are actively doing harm in the world, such as with civil rights, womens’ rights, racial equality and LGBTQ+ rights.

Despite their massive wealth of over $100 billion in assets, money which Green says “comes from people, often poor, who wholeheartedly believe you represent the will of Jesus. They give, expecting the blessings of heaven.”

“Instead, I think the church has exploited its members and their need for hope to build temples, build shopping malls, and cattle ranches, fund Ensign Peak Advisors investment funds, and own mortgage-backed securities, rather than alleviating human suffering in or out of the church.”

Jeff T. Green via SLT

In his letter, he reveals he hasn’t considered himself not a member for years as well. To make things right, he started by donating 600K to Equality Utah, as well as pledging that 90% of his wealth will go towards philanthropic causes in life or death. I wish more rich people of faith would be making statements like this!