Netflix gaming?

Netflix is perhaps the biggest and the first real streaming service. However, they actually started out as a DVD rental service, not streaming content until 2007, in which it would bring down Blockbuster. So four years later in 2011, Netflix was thinking about renting out video game discs as well, but that never came to fruition. Streaming giant Netflix is still renting out discs to this day, but it will end 2022. Netflix once again has ambitions in gaming, but it definitely won’t involve physical media. Instead, it will expand upon its existing original content, such as Stranger Things and Black Mirror.

This level of interaction may be driven by the likes of Disney, who has an extremely rich and diverse Star Wars universe, be it video games, comics, TV shows, movies, and its own streaming service. Another motivator might be that its subscriber count may decline now that the pandemic is starting to fade, and the fact that the video game industry is just really huge.