People need to stop pretending civil rights are just “political”

Civil rights matter, period. Except to the privileged majority white people living in a different world, because since they were never marginalized, they’re convinced we’re all already treated equally and that racism doesn’t exist (As a SCOTUS justice would have you believe. As such, civil rights have been seen as politically charged divisive. This gives weak minded people an excuse to claim neutrality and never talk about these issues, enabling Conservatives to push back against civil rights with even more oppression and hateful garbage.

Here’s an example: Conservatives cry bloody murder when a school district removed the so called “pro police” blue line flag. Let’s not even pretend it’s pro police; it’s just another white supremacist symbol. All the while, the graceful rainbow flag and BLM stuff (I mean, what’s so bad about acknowledging police brutality against black people?) is still permitted, which puts Conservatives in more of a meltdown.

Then, there’s this Utah school district, outright banning the rainbow flag, BLM stuff, and well anything else, claiming neutrality, because all of these are politically charged. You’re telling me that marginalized people fighting for basic human rights, respect and acknowledgement, is a political issue that you don’t want any part of? What kind of message does that send to students? Maybe bullying is political too, so the school can pretend it doesn’t exist.

Even where I live, a certain mayor tried to consider the rainbow flag, and the BLM flag as political symbols on the same level as the blue line flag. We have to stop that bad thinking, as it will only try to shove civil rights in a closet while everyone else remains ignorantly ‘bliss’.