New Skyy Vodka Review

Skyy Vodka has been around since 1992, born in San Francisco. As you might guess, they are LGBTQ+ friendly, being the first spirit brand to release an ad (in 2002) featuring a lesbian couple. Anyways, about a month or two ago, Skyy Vodka had adopted a new bottle design. It’s now a lighter shade of blue, and features more handle grooves. The best change to the bottle is the pouring cap (which is now deep blue in color), it pours more smoothly and with even less chance of spilling.

It wasn’t just the bottle that changed – Skyy claims the Vodka is different too. Firstly, Skyy Vodka has always been one of the smoothest Vodkas out there (so much so their motto is they distilled the Russian out),with a slight hint of vanilla and sweetness. The new ingredient/s are pacific mineral water sourced locally (remember, it’s San Francisco), filtered over Californian limestone. This would hypothetically make the overall flavor different, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t; water shouldn’t really ever have a large impact on a spirit’s taste.