President Bill Clinton statement on attacks in Israel

I saw this floating around my email inbox and it really stood out to me. In a world where voices and platforms are working 24/7 to grab, and hold, your attention it’s important that we recognize and reflect on what real leaders are thinking and saying.

I condemn the horrific terrorist assault carried out by Hamas in Israel and mourn the senseless loss of life. My heart is with all those affected by the violence, including American families. Now is a time for the world to rally against terrorism and to support Israeli democracy. I stand with the government of Israel and all Israelis and urge them to stand together. This is a moment to focus on purpose over politics.

President Clinton

Today we say pictures and video of the brutality of Hammas and on all the crimes against humanity that we committed during the attacks on Israel last Saturday. Idiots like Elon Musk and Donald Trump should be ignored and not given any oxygen in the room. Spreading lies and conspiracy theories, criticizing our allies while praising our enemies, and feeding anti-Sematic hate is 100% anti-American and should be called out as such. Make no mistake my fellow Americans, Elon Musk and Donald Trump are both clear and present dangers to our country and our democracy.