George Santos (finally) expelled from U.S. House of Representatives

After surviving two previous attempts to give this fraudster the boot, George Santos fell prey to the third vote to boot him from his seat.

George Santos becomes only the sixth U.S. Congress person to be removed from their post. Mr. Santos was the subject of a recent House ethics investigation and subsequent report that found he was guilty of criminal behavior.

We really only have one thing to say about all of this: good riddance. George Santos, who is an openly gay man, was an utter and complete disgrace to the LGBTQ+ community. We don’t have enough visibility in national politics as it is so to have him soaking up the spotlight to feed his own ego turned my stomach.

President Bill Clinton statement on attacks in Israel

I saw this floating around my email inbox and it really stood out to me. In a world where voices and platforms are working 24/7 to grab, and hold, your attention it’s important that we recognize and reflect on what real leaders are thinking and saying.

I condemn the horrific terrorist assault carried out by Hamas in Israel and mourn the senseless loss of life. My heart is with all those affected by the violence, including American families. Now is a time for the world to rally against terrorism and to support Israeli democracy. I stand with the government of Israel and all Israelis and urge them to stand together. This is a moment to focus on purpose over politics.

President Clinton

Today we say pictures and video of the brutality of Hammas and on all the crimes against humanity that we committed during the attacks on Israel last Saturday. Idiots like Elon Musk and Donald Trump should be ignored and not given any oxygen in the room. Spreading lies and conspiracy theories, criticizing our allies while praising our enemies, and feeding anti-Sematic hate is 100% anti-American and should be called out as such. Make no mistake my fellow Americans, Elon Musk and Donald Trump are both clear and present dangers to our country and our democracy.

True patriotism is the opposite of Trump’s White Christian Nationalism

On Saturday, Donald Trump conducted the second formal rally of his campaign — in Pickens, South Carolina, where an estimated 50,000 turned up under the scorching sun to hear him.

There, he advanced his version of patriotism based on White Christian Nationalism.

He began by celebrating the town’s namesake, Francis Pickens, who was governor of South Carolina when it was the first to secede from the Union on the eve of the Civil War. Trump assured the crowd he wouldn’t let “them” change the town’s name.

He commended the Supreme Court for rejecting affirmative action “so someone who has not worked as hard will not take your place.”

He saluted the court’s decision to overrule Roe v. Wade so “radical left Democrats will not kill babies.”

He promised to stop “men competing in women’s sports” and prevent classroom teachers from teaching the “wrong” lessons about sexuality or history.

He condemned foreign governments that “send” over the border “people in jails and insane asylums” and promised to deny entry to “all communists and Marxists.”

And he declared America’s most dangerous opponents not to be Russia, China, or North Korea but “enemies within” America.


The true meaning of patriotism is the opposite of Trump’s exclusionary White Christian Nationalism.

America’s moral mission has been toward greater inclusion — providing equal rights to women, Black people, immigrants, Native Americans, Latinx, LGBTQ+, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, and agnostic.

True patriots don’t fuel racist, religious, or ethnic divisions. Patriots aren’t homophobic or sexist.

Nor are patriots blind to social injustices — whether ongoing or embedded in American history. They don’t ban books or prevent teaching about the sins of the nation’s past.

True patriots are not uncritically devoted to America. They are devoted instead to the ideals of America — the rule of law, equal justice, voting rights and civil rights, freedom of speech and assembly, freedom from fear, and democracy.

True patriots don’t have to express patriotism in symbolic displays of loyalty like standing for the national anthem and waving the American flag.

They express patriotism in taking a fair share of the burdens of keeping the nation going — sacrificing for the common good.

This means paying taxes in full rather than lobbying for lower taxes or seeking tax loopholes or squirreling away money abroad.

It means refraining from making large political contributions that corrupt American democracy.

It means blowing the whistle on abuses of power even at the risk of losing one’s job.

And volunteering time and energy to improving one’s community and country.

You can read the rest of this great article, originally written by Robert Reich, over at his Substack column.