What’s Dark Brandon?

To those who occasionally observe Trump crazies, you may have stumbled across the phrase “Let’s go Brandon!”. I honestly have no clue why Republicans picked that phrase, but it’s supposed to be an insult against Joe Biden. Supposedly the phrase means Fuck Joe Biden, and became to be known as Let’s go Brandon when a news caster incorrectly heard a crowd chanting Fuck Joe Biden as Let’s go Brandon. Whatever. Nevertheless, the phrase has spurred merchandise amongst radical Republicans, so it’s everywhere where a Trump flag could be. However, President Biden’s supporters have turned the phrase into a strength: Dark Brandon.

Dark Brandon, otherwise known as President Biden, likes his coffee dark.

It’s basically a fictionalization of Joe Biden being dark, badass, and tough against his enemies (this is honestly the kind of attitude that Democrats need to combat crazy Trump supporters). Joe Biden’s campaign has officially embraced the term a few months ago, airing Dark Brandon ads right on Fox News during the so called Republican “debates”. Adding insult to injury, Dark Brandon’s fictionalization comes from “Dark MAGA”, which is an absurd radical Republican fictionalization of Trump and his cronies taking revenge against the Democrats. Way to turn the Republican’s fiction against them! Biden himself has embraced the Dark mantra by simply drinking his coffee dark, with the mug being one of the Dark Brandon merchandise. A truly Dark Brandon moment is when the Biden campaign used Taylor Greene’s words in support of Biden’s administration.