Winter Olympics see most LGBTQ+ athletes

I have been just a bit “meh” at the Winter Olympics that would take place in Beijing, China. China has passed/enforced draconian measures last year to stamp out what they perceive as LGBTQ+ in almost every aspect of life, be it video games, any source of media, schools, texts, etc. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop at least 35 LGBTQ+ out athletes from competing in the Winter Olympics this year, compared to the 15 in 2018’s (which was in South Korea).

Japan’s Summer Olympics has a record shattering 186 out athletes (bear in mind it has almost 4x the competitors at 11,000 vs. the 3000 of Winter Olympics), which brings a modicum of pleasure to have at least some LGBTQ+ representation in typically conservative (in terms of LGBTQ+ policy) Asian countries. Singapore, another relatively developed Asian country, unsurprisingly censors anything LGBTQ+ related too; I mention this because two men kissed directly in front of a news report concerning the Olympics, rebelling against the draconian censorship. (For your troubles, here’s the TikTok video; I dislike TikTok’s interface in not being able to go back/forward)