Pride watch: Denver

Denver pride has cancelled their in person pride, as it would be unfeasible to delay it even till fall. Instead, their in person pride has been replaced by virtual pride with a slew of events and activities. They include the following:

  • Virtual parade: The Center will ask community businesses and organizations to enter fun-filled videos that will be livestreamed as a “parade” with live commentary.
  • Virtual 5K: People will enter the 5K, run their race and submit their time independently. The Center will reward their efforts with a t-shirt and other prizes.
  • Virtual entertainment: The Center is working to gather online entertainment from performers who were previously scheduled to perform live.
  • Virtual dance party: DJs from various clubs around town will present a dance party via Twitch.
  • Virtual Exhibitor Page: An online marketplace will allow the public to virtually browse a collection of exhibitors who will sell merchandise online.
  • Pride Decorating Contest: The Center will encourage the public to decorate their houses or apartment balconies for pride and share their photos online.
  • Pride Job Fair: Job seekers will be able to visit an online job board that will post jobs from LGBT-friendly employers.

Their activities really do look appealing for a virtual pride, and if it goes well, could serve as a model for other prides contemplating delaying their in person prides to 2021. (I am in laughter that they managed to have a Virtual 5K run lol.) See their entire statement here.