Oakleaf Strawberry Rosé

For those unaware, Oakleaf is basically Walmart’s wine brand. Don’t turn your nose at me wine snobs! I know, Oakleaf is a very cheap brand, but that alongside Oakleaf wines being available at almost any Walmart makes it very convenient. Plus, that makes reviews of their wines all the more important. I’ve actually enjoyed several of their wines (that’s for another time), and I’ve had tons of great wines (or wines that tasted bad and were more expensive).

Now onwards to what a Rose is. A Rose is a style of wine, not a specific wine. As such, their taste can vary significantly, from dry to sweet, but their appearance is almost always pink, and they attempt to at least have a semblance of bright fruits like strawberries. Oakleaf Strawberry Rose is not surprisingly, sweet, and very forward on strawberry. But it’s not too sweet either, with plenty of tart that makes it just a tad bit less sweet than a White Zinfandel.