Wildlife: Plants and Animals at Tulemar Resort in Costa Rica!

Tulemar resort is a luxury resort in Quepos/Manuel Antonio, of which Mike had posted about earlier. But it’s much more than a simple resort. As it sits in the heart of the heart of Manuel Antonio, a national park, Tulemar is very connected to nature. Sloths, various monkeys (Howler, Squirrel, and Capuchin), various lizards (house gecko, several species of Iguana, common basilisk (Jesus Christ Lizard), birds, and countless insects, such as the unique annual species of cicada, are all around. The houses and walk paths are laid out in such a way that they don’t disrupt nature either, but work with it (and vice versa).

It’s almost like you’re living in a zoo! Some of the various plants additionally have labels, describing to you what they are and their origins. In every house is a guide to wildlife too. Most important of all, because they are wildlife, one must never feed them, nor actively seek to interact with them unnecessarily. There are ropes (thanks to the Sloth institute, which is literally onsite Tulemar’s property) to help monkeys and sloths cross over more easily and safely (rather than having to cross the road). Even the amenities, such as soap, shampoo and lotion, are eco-friendly, be them organic or biodegradable plastics. Enough about the resort, time for some nature pictures!

3 fingered sloth feeding at night, as they are nocturnal.
Behind these plants are the Sloth Institute.
A squirrel monkey is utilizing one of many ropes the Sloth Institute has installed throughout Tulemar. The building shown is the Sloth Institute’s lab.
A pair of Macaws. They, like many various birds, mate for life. This pair chose a tree hollow, where they have nested for years.
A Capuchin monkey is just chilling a feet away from me.
Emerald Cicada
3 distinctly colored Iguanas.
Bats! They were roosting under the shade and protection of one of the houses.
A weeping fig tree; below image is a description tag on one of the fig trees throughout the resort.
Royal Palm Tree with description tag below.